Our clients deserve high quality and expertise. Thus, we focus on resolving technically complex problems with practical and effective solutions.

We know that our clients are experts in their fields. Combining our knowledge and training, and a mutual desire to learn, we strive to give them the best results.

We have advised clients in virtually all sectors and industries, including the public sector. With the diverse training and background of our lawyers, and our focus on cross-practice collaboration, we can apply our legal knowledge and experience to all industrial and commercial sectors.

Since we provide services of a global and international nature, we work closely with lawyers in whom we have the utmost confidence at 150 firms in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Canada, Mexico and South America. This allows us to take advantage of their expertise at local level and offer our clients global legal solutions.

Prestamos servicios globales e internacionales, razón por la que mantenemos estrechas relaciones de colaboración con abogados de la máxima confianza en 150 firmas ubicadas en Estados Unidos, Europa, Asia, Australia, Nueva Zelanda, África, Canadá, México y América del Sur, que nos permite hacer uso de su experiencia a nivel local y ofrecer soluciones jurídicas globales a los clientes.


Buigas was founded in 1994 in honour of Mr. Manuel Balcells Buigas, who practiced law in Barcelona from 1903 to 1938.

The tradition of the Balcells Buigas family in the legal profession goes back to the 18th Century with Mr. Francesc Balcells Roig (1773-1829), who was a Doctor of Law and Governing Councilman (Regidor Decano) of the City of Reus (Tarragona), and succeed by descendants who occupied relevant posts at different Bar Associations and Universities until the refunding of the firm in 1994.


We are aware that both our profession and the business activities of our clients are constantly changing and evolving. We work hard to keep pace with new developments so that we can accompany our clients in their own evolution. We conduct research as we strive to improve and create new ways to provide our services, establishing innovative internal protocols that keep the best interests of our clients in mind.


Our team is the lynchpin of the firm, and we believe that Buigas is an exceptional place to start, pursue and build on a career. The Firm offers a wide range of career options for lawyers and administrative personnel, and encourages the hiring, retention and promotion of professionals at all levels.

We are deeply committed to equal employment opportunities in all areas, and we reaffirm our pledge to fight discrimination in the workplace on the basis of race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age or disability. This applies to hiring, training, salary, benefits, working conditions, promotions and social programmes.


Buigas participates in many associations and business organizations with which we undertake professional and networking relationships, both nationally and internationally.