Our Commercial Law department, together with the M&A department, form the essential area on which Buigas has developed its practice and it is composed of a team expert in advising companies and individuals in all range of national or international businesses’ relationships, both listed and private. It covers the advice on the most general matters of commercial law, linked to all the practice areas of the firm.


We provide creative and efficient solutions that meet our client’s specific goals, covering:

  • General corporate advice on compliance issues, such as business legal management, secretaryship questions and minute drafting related to the daily operations of the company. We also advice shareholders, board of directors, compliance committees and corporate governance practice, drafting corporate governance documents, codes of ethics, audit policies and shareholders’ and boards of directors’ resolutions. We advise clients on implementing efficient monitoring systems to prevent corporate crime and to comply with the applicable legal regime.
  • Local and international commercial and licensing agreements, such as purchase, sale and supply goods and services agreements, distribution and manufacturing agreements, and franchise, agency and licensing agreements.
  • Implementation, negotiation and drafting of shareholders’ agreements (qualified majorities, share transfer restrictions, put and call options, tag-a-long and drag-a-long rights, corporate governance, distribution of dividends, the composition and election of companies’ corporate bodies, and exercising voting rights).
  • The incorporation and restructuration of corporate group structures, by planning and implementing the most suitable corporate structures, and drafting and negotiating the related contracts and documents.

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