Our Environmental practice is composed by a team of skilled professionals focused on defending the interests of our clients with tailor-made and very efficient solutions.

Due to the high levels of implication of the public administrations in environmental-sensitive business activities, the attorneys of this practice area pay special attention in keeping a permanent and seamless relationship with all the authorities involved. Over the years we have gained a good standing among the administration and environmental authorities in the benefit of our clients.


In particular, our environmental practice covers the following areas:

  • Advising clients in a very different range of administrative procedures: from complex IEA (Integrated Environmental Permits, “AAI” in Spanish) environmental licenses and EMAS (Environmental Management System) to disciplinary and sanction procedures before the courts of justice.
  • Defending the interest of our clients in sectorial commissions of business organizations like Foment del Treball Nacional, Associació d’Indústries per la Protecció Neta, waste managers cluster or sectorial committees before the administration.
  • Participation in processes of regulatory development appearing at the stage of public information or audience with a large experience in the industrial waste area, advising for more than 20 years to the association of the most important waste management plants association and also in the water sector.
  • Analysis of environmental and administrative issues in due diligence processes.
  • Representation and defence of public administrations before the courts of justice.
  • Advice in all the environmental sectors: hazardous waste management, water spills, noise, odours and polluted soils.

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