Our Family Office practice is composed of a team of lawyers with a solid and experimented experience, specialized in advising family groups, working closely with other practice areas of the Firm such as tax, corporate, finance and capital markets, M&A and labour. It offers a multidisciplinary service of the highest quality, regardless the sector in which its activity is developed, the generational stage or the kind of family business they own.


In particular, the team of Family Office has a wide experience in:

  • Design and implementation of Family Offices for the optimization and search of the greatest efficiency in the profitability of the family assets.
  • Analysis and implementation of corporate and assets structures to reduce and adapt taxation to tax incentives and the current regulations.
  • Elaboration of shareholders’ agreements intended to the protection of family businesses, legal implementation of family protocols and drafting of regulations for board of directors or the family council.
  • Design of corporate governance structures and implementation of corporate governance rules and risk-based preventive control.
  • Design and execution of separation schemes for family and business assets, succession plans or transfer of ownership, as well as the design and execution of procedures for the separation of shareholders.
  • Advising in the application of tax incentives related to philanthropic activities.
  • Advising in state planning, drafting of wills and succession covenants, formalization of donations, swaps, deals or any other legal businesses that allow the formalization of the transit of the family assets from one generation to another.
  • Study and implantation of remuneration schemes for members of family businesses, whether or not they are managers of them, with the aim that such forms are as efficient as possible from a tax point of view.
  • Drafting and teaching of training programs in matters specific to family businesses specially interesting to members of the business family, adapting the contents to the profile of the attendees, being or not members of the government of the company as well as shareholders that do not work in the company or who are not shareholders.

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