Our IP, Media and IT practice has extensive experience in responding to our clients’ needs, both in the development of business strategies and the legal advice for the licencing e of their legal rights, such the defence of their interests, representing both Spanish and international companies and inventors.


  • Advise for obtaining and registering industrial property rights (trademarks, patents, utility models, designs and models) at national and international level (OEPM, EUIPO, WIPO). Advice for the exploitation of such rights (licenses, merchandising), as well as their defence both in administrative and judicial channels.
  • Assistance for the protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights (copyright and related, such as software, phonographic and audio-visual producers, databases, mere photographs, publishing contracts, employment contracts for salaried authors) nationally and internationally. We also prepare procedural strategies to protect and defend holders from infringements and abusive behaviours.
  • Image rights, right to honour and privacy, participation of minors in advertising and artistic activities.
  • Unfair competition disputes and advising on competition issues, both in contractual and litigation procedures.
  • Advise in matters related to advertising and labelling, promotions, contests, assignments of rights on advertising materials, sponsorship, product placement and endorsements.
  • Data protection of data and analysis of conformity of web pages to LSSI regulations and defence of consumers and users’ rights.
  • Advise on distribution, agency and franchise, where the legal aspects related to IP rights are relevant.
  • Assistance in the negotiation and preparation of production agreements and commercialization of audio-visual works (theatrical, TV, digital), record production, managing contracts, musical editing, obtaining of adaptation and transformation rights, etc.

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