Our Labour practice area advises on all matters related to employment relationships and Social Security with the aim to offer the best quality services in defending the interests of our clients.

The team is composed by a strong and highly recognized specialists with extensive experience who closely work with clients to provide customized and very efficient solutions.


The activity focuses on the generally and specifically advice in all labour and Social Security matters, covering, among others:

  • Ongoing labour advice.
  • Planning flowcharts business: hiring, layoffs, restructurings, modifications of labour individual and collective conditions.
  • Individual and collective dismissals.
  • Collective redundancy negotiation.
  • Planning and implementation of remuneration schemes and stock option plans.
  • Pension plans, early retirements and relationship with the Social Security.
  • Company restructuring and outsourcing strategies.
  • Drafting and negotiation of executives’ employment contracts.
  • Exclusivity and non-competitions agreements and individualized agreements.
  • Functional and geographical mobility, working time arrangements, codes of conduct.
  • Code of ethics and behaviour; internal regulations and fulfilment channels.
  • Compliance with legislation on occupational hazards and health and safety regulations.
  • Analysis of employment and Social Security issues within due diligence process.
  • Legal assistance before administrative bodies: conciliation units, labour and social security inspections.
  • Legal assistance before the labour courts.
  • Expatriate workers and immigration.

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