Our Litigation and Arbitration team is composed by a group of professionals focused on defending the interests of our clients with tailor-made and very efficient solutions, both at domestic and international level.

We pay special attention to the development of the preventive advice to search solutions to avoid court proceedings, to assure the best possible position of our clients in case of judicial dispute, and planning and executing the most suitable litigation strategy.


We have a wide experience in complex judicial and arbitration proceedings, institutional and ad hoc, in Spain and before international bodies, specially within the area of business law, covering:

  • Disputes arising out of the representations and warranties from M&A transactions.
  • Commercial disputes arising from commercial contracts: services, agency, distribution, franchise, construction, engineering, joint ventures, among others.
  • Corporate litigation: disputes between shareholders, directors’ liability claims and challenging shareholders’ resolutions and board of director’s decisions.
  • Litigation in real estate and complex lease contracts.
  • IT and IP litigation.
  • Unfair competition and advertising conflicts.
  • National and international enforcement of judgments and arbitration awards.
  • Analysis of disputes and potential claims in due diligence processes.
  • Disputes related to insurance contracts.
  • Tort and contractual, product and professional liability.
  • Medical malpractice claims.

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